Complete Financial Guide for Young Couples


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Can we ever afford to buy a house? • Is it wrong to borrow this much money? • Which of us should be the record keeper? • Are credit cards a no-no? • Do we really need life insurance? • Why is it we never seem to have enough? Questions like these can keep you awake at night-or worse. Without a solid financial and spiritual foundation on which to base sound decisions, problems— not just money problems–tend to multiply in a marriage. And they come whether you’re struggling on $20,000 a year or “coasting” on a six-figure income. Whether you are about to marry or are still in marriage’s early years, best-selling author Larry Burkett can steer you around the pitfalls that result from mishandling your money. In this valuable guide he will help you: • Establish a workable budget • Discover what kind of insurance you need and how much • Teach your children about finances • Diagnose economic danger signs in your marriage • Explore different types of investments and decide which are best for you and much, much more. Solid biblical direction, practical advice, and years of “field-testing’ make this a book that won’t gather dust on your shelf!

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