Sam & Debbie FormalGeneral Conference Description

Each of the family conferences examines God’s Word as the foundation of the area of family life being studied.  The conferences are biblically based and are a mixture of truth, practical instruction, and some humor.  The conferences provide a great entry point to invite un-churched families to your church.  Each conference is taught using the Bible and a workbook especially prepared by Family Fortress Ministries.  The conference also includes projects to be personally applied after each teaching session.  This increases effectiveness, as people are encouraged to be doers and not hearers only of God’s Word. The greatest need of each participant is woven throughout each session – a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

General Conference Schedule

The number of teaching sessions is different for each conference (see detailed conference descriptions for length). Each conference typically includes the evangelist teaching and preaching on Sunday. We recommend that you start the seminar on Friday night with the sessions continuing on Saturday. However, Family Fortress Ministries can adjust to meet each churches desired schedule. If desired, the conference can include a teaching session in Sunday school. This session can be expanded to include all adults and teenagers.  For some conferences, the weekend and commitments are sealed with a special ceremony on Sunday morning or night (optional).

Testimonials / What People are Saying About our Conferences

  • No Pastor needs to be convinced of the value of having strong marriages within their congregation or the challenge which accompanies such a need. God has graciously raised up Sam and Debbie to provide Christ-centered messages and encouragement for pastors and their congregation in regards to this need. They have a clear and firm grasp of the Biblical role of a husband and wife. Sam and Debbie have a passion for God and His Word and this is made evident through their presentation and appeal to God’s people to pursue Christ as their greatest treasure. God was honored and our people were richly blessed through the ministry and Sam and Debbie.
    Rev. Jerry Pelfrey, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church Mason Ohio
  • In a day when the American home is coming apart at the seams it is encouraging to see a ministry like Family Fortress Ministries, which is directed by my friend Sam Wood. Sam has a unique conference format designed for the local church setting. The conferences are Biblical and extremely practical. If I were a pastor, I would be quick to utilize this gifted man of God to help the families in my church be strengthen and encouraged. I hope my pastor friends will do the same.
    Dr. Junior Hill, Junior Hill Ministries
  • It is with joy I recommend the ministry of Sam Wood. Sam has lead us in two marriage conferences and both have proven to strengthen the family units of our church. This ministry is crucial for the critical needs of our time.
    Dr. Phil Hoskins, Dr. Phil Hoskins, Higher Ground Baptist Church
  • Our people stated that the Celebration of Marriage conference we had this past year was the best conference they had ever attended. We look forward to having Family Fortress back with us this year!
    Dr. Jerry Prevo, Pastor, Anchorage Baptist Temple
  • I have just attended the greatest marriage enrichment weekend of my ministry!  I saw couples who have been married for several years rekindle the flame…I saw newlyweds come to an awareness of what it really means to be a successful husband and wife.  I witnessed strong marriages grow stronger!
    Pastor Mike Whitson, First Baptist Indian Trail, NC
  • We had Sam preach to our people this past September. His message was the best message I have ever heard preached on the family!                         
    Dr. Herb Reavis, North Jacksonville Baptist, FL
  • Through this conference the Lord has shown me Biblical principles which have saved our marriage!  We were contemplating separation before attending.  Praise the Lord for opening our eyes!
    Marriage Conference Attendee
  • The conference has brought the two of us together in spiritual love…so much has been shared you don’t hear any where else.  Praise God for your ministry.
    Marriage Conference Attendee

Conferences We Offer


Family Emphasis Day

A Family Emphasis Day is a Sunday meeting which is promoted by the church as a day that will minister to families. The evangelist teaches Sunday school and preaches during the morning and evening services. Each message Biblically addresses issues that families currently deal with. The families are challenged to understand the urgency of centering their family lives on Christ and His principles. A Family Emphasis Day stirs the hearts of people to personally examine their commitment level to Christ. This examination leads the lost to realize their need for a relationship.


When a church hosts a Family Emphasis Day as their first meeting with Family Fortress Ministries, members experience the passion, power and practical heart of this ministry and respond with enthusiasm and a willingness to support a family conference in the future. The day can also serve as a kickoff or a grand finale to a family promotion or campaign that the church conducts over a period of time.


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Building Kingdom Families

Family units in our culture come in all shapes and sizes from newly-wed couples to traditional families, blended families, single parent homes, foster families, extended families and grandparents raising grandchildren. No matter what size or shape, God’s Word faithfully applied provides truth that can unify, bond, and strengthen the family structure. The challenge is with such a diversity of personalities, agendas and age ranges, where do we start? Building Kingdom Families conference trains families in four stages of building a Christ-centered home from the ground up. The principles are presented in a simple way so that each family member (dad, mom, grandparents, and children) can recognize their role in making this happen.


This conference is the result of our burden to see the family unit become more closely unified and centered on Christ. The conference participants include married couples with no children, dad, mom, grandparents, and children down through third grade. Singles who attend that are not connected to a family in the church will be adopted into one of the family units that attend.


The conference includes four 30 minute teaching sessions each followed by a short family project. Typically the church will conduct this conference on Saturday morning from 9AM to noon, with a cookout at noon and closing session after lunch. A family message is peached on Sunday morning and the conference concludes with a special Bestowing a Blessing service on Sunday night. This service can be held on Sunday morning if the church has no Sunday evening service.


Building a Kingdom Families Conference   

Parenting Conferences

Leaving a Legacy that Lasts

The “experts” at school are quick to instruct in what is best for your child. Your pediatrician and the parenting magazines in his or her office declare their “expert” advice for rearing your child. The media blasts their “expert” opinions for raising children all over the air space. These dogmatic sources can leave a parent confused, guilty, inadequate, or misdirected. But what does the One who created your child say?


Leaving a Legacy that Lasts equips parents with a Godly perspective on the “how to” of raising Christ-centered children who can pass the banner of Christ to future generations. Topics include:


– Parental Authority and Accountability
– Training, Teaching, and Disciplining Your Child
– Understanding the Uniqueness of your Child
– Encouraging Sexual Purity


Extreme Home Makeover

Extreme Home Makeover exposes modern day idols in the lives of parents and children. Parents are led to surrender to the process of sanctification in a way that both impacts and solidifies family life. The lessons teach parents how to train their children in personal daily worship. Topics include:


– Worship
– Examining Your Spiritual Walk
– How to Teach Spiritual Disciplines to Children
– How to Instill a Thirst for God in Children
– Balancing Authority and Love
– Preparing Children for Success


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Marriage Conferences

Celebration of Marriage Conference

Before marriage, couples pursuing a relationship find such joy and pleasure in being together that they talk for hours on the phone and can’t wait to see each other. After marriage, as time progresses, these same couples become so consumed with the demands of life that they tend to grow distant in their interests and activities.


Celebration of Marriage addresses the danger of potential distance that can creep into marriage relationships by explaining God’s unifying purpose for marriage and how to recognize and deal with distractions that hinder His purpose. The conference challenges married couples and/or singles considering marriage to first find joy and significance in Christ and then to minister to their partner. Some of the topics discussed are:


– God’s Plan for Marriage – Oneness
– Focusing on Christ in the Midst of Daily Distractions
– Temperaments
– Communication Techniques
– Physical and Emotional Intimacy in Marriage
– Husband’s Role, Wife’s Role


“Keeping Covenant” Marriage Conference (new!)


Communication techniques, speaking a spouse’s love language and methods of resolving conflict have much practical value. But only when we embrace the absolute significance of marriage with its profound implications will we discover the incentive to exert a consistent lifelong effort to live out these applications. Otherwise, we vow to make adjustments that end up being temporary fixes. For that reason, Strengthening Your Marriage launches with God’s hallowed view of marriage and infuses that view into the practical aspects of daily life.


Sessions include:
The Sacredness of Marriage – specifically exalts the holiness of marriage by exposing God’s passion for His sacred institution. Pertinent questions are answered:

Why does marriage matter?

What are the consequences of failing to honor the Lord in marriage?

What is God’s definition and purpose for marriage?

This session prepares couples hearts for the remaining material by fostering a passion to live out marriage according to God’s plan.


The Covenant of Marriage – examines various and sometimes unrecognized aspects of covenant relationships, then practically applies them to marriage in our culture:

Implications of the Marriage Covenant

Establishing a Unique Identity as a Couple

Protecting the Marriage Covenant

Coordinating Strengths and Weaknesses

Adjusting to “Change” During Different Stages of Marriage



The Crucible of Marriage – dives into the fact that marriage often gets confusing and messy. What is the chief underlying culprit in marital conflict and how does a spouse protect against breeches to the marriage covenant such as:


Abusive behavior

Wounds from the Past



How does God use the crucible of marriage to help partners grow more intimate with Him and each other?


The Consummation of Marriage – applies the powerful principles of covenant to the ultimate and subordinate purposes of sexuality:


What It Means to be One-flesh

Protecting Marriage against Fornication

Glorifying God through Procreation

Sexuality as an Expression of Love

Enjoying God’s Gift of Sexual Intimacy.

The session teaches how to avoid and/or correct pitfalls while striving to fulfill the creator’s plans. The result is liberty of sexual expression and glory to God.


The teaching in this conference is intended to not only fortify marriages in the midst of an anti-marriage culture, but also equip spouses to reach out and provide biblical help to hurting couples in their community. Typically, a church will schedule one opening session on Friday night, and three sessions on Saturday. This can be adjusted to fit the church’s schedule. The material covered in the conference is reinforced through teaching and preaching on Sunday.


Partners in Paradise  Conference

Peace, beauty, rest, pleasure, fascination, no worries, delicious food. These things immediately pop into our minds when we dream of paradise. These characteristics should also describe our marriage.


Partners in Paradise examines the first 3 chapters of Genesis as it specifically applies to marriage by investigating God’s original, unchanging intent for a “paradise relationship”. The lessons cover the distinctiveness of males and females in creation and how this distinctiveness enhances purpose and passion in the partnership. The material deals with the lies of Satan that distorted the original paradise and continues to hinder current day marriages. Topics include:


– A Portrait of Paradise
– Partners with Purpose
– Partners with Passion
– Partners in Perversion
– Partners in Pardon


Secrets from the Song Conference

Movies, songs, advertisements, TV shows, novels, and even talk show hosts attempt to lure us into romantic perspectives that are far removed from the real world and even more removed from God’s design. We want to avoid the trap of unreal expectations, but we also want to experience the fullness of God’s design for romance.

Secrets from the Song approaches the delicate subject of physical intimacy in a way that promotes both the purity and liberty that God designed by examining the entire book of the Song of Solomon. The sessions address the differences in how men and women view romance. They also uncover how all areas of life affect intimacy and offer practical instruction in dealing with the hindrances. The topics include:


– Communication and Handling Conflict
– Character Issues
– Developing Romance
– Overcoming Baggage from the Past
– Physical Intimacy
– Preparing Your Children for Purity in Relationships


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Men's and Ladies Conferences



Becoming a Man Who Fears God Conference

Whether it’s yielding to sexual temptation, materialism or climbing the corporate ladder, men constantly face the pull of worldliness in their life. Men desperately need a power beyond themselves to live a life and build a family that is pleasing to God.


Becoming a Man that Fears God builds a deeper and more intimate relationship with God that transforms a male into a man who leads his family and community in a God glorifying direction.


Topics include:


– The Whole Duty of Man
– The Soul of Godliness
– Understanding the God We are to Fear
– Walking in the Fear of God
– Practicing the Presence of God in Our Lives
– Walking in Sexual Purity
– Building a Forever Family


Walk Like a Man Conference

Walk Like a Man stresses biblical manhood as it teaches men how to respond to the feminized, immoral society in which we now live. Evangelist Sam Wood explains Ephesians chapter five verse by verse to help men understand how they can practically imitate God in their daily walk.


Topics are:


– Walking in Love
– Walking in Light
– Walking in Wisdom
– Walking in the Spirit
– Walking in Leadership




Holding the King Captive

Ladies are puzzling, complicated creatures. Let’s face it, the sex life of a lady is affected by every area of her life. But, we have an all-knowing God who not only understands these intricacies, but who practically instructs us in dealing with the different distracting issues in life while teaching us to achieve delightful fulfillment with the guy we married or will someday marry.


Holding the King Captive is an expositional study of the Song of Solomon that teaches God’s plan for fulfilling and exhilarating sexual intimacy. Married ladies grow in an understanding of how to experience the pleasure and enjoyment that God intends for husband and wife. They are instructed through scriptural examples to overcome hindrances to intimacy and captivate their husband’s interest by following God’s plan for a relationship. Singles are challenged to anticipate a fulfilling future through premarital purity and careful consideration in choosing the correct mate.


The conference also provides mothers with a precious Biblical explanation of sex for their daughters.


Topics challenge participants to:


– Consider the Covenant
– Consider His Character and Your Confidence
– Consider His Career
– Consider Your Commitment to Purity
– Consider Conflict


Peace in a Pressure Cooker World

Ever felt like the responsibilities and expectations for you as a woman are building up so much stress and pressure that you could explode? As a Christian lady how do you practically allow the peace of God to permeate your being and relieve this stress?


Peace in a Pressure Cooker World confronts the issues and stresses that ladies daily deal with while directing them to apply biblical solutions that lead to balance, peace, and fulfillment. These lessons, exposited from Titus 2, encourage all ages, both married and single. Topics addressed include:


– Conduct of a Godly Woman
– Family Relationships
– Work Ethics
– Spiritual Growth


From Rags to Royalty

Femininity is a lost art. We all have rough edges that need to be smoothed. Deep down, we all wish that our lives expressed grace during those unavoidable embarrassing and uncomfortable situations that seem to haunt us occasionally. And admit it or not, every female is concerned with her looks and how she presents herself.


From Rags to Royalty is a unique weekend conference (appropriate for teens and/or adult ladies) that allows the church to incorporate practical, fun activities in between the teaching sessions. The expositional teaching sessions cover the book of Esther and practically instruct participants in building godly character, dealing with interpersonal relationships, facing a crisis, and personal worship. The sessions not only stress growing in godliness, but also etiquette, dress, and skin care. Depending upon time restraints, activities can incorporate demonstrations in setting a formal table, a fashion show that teaches how to build a wardrobe, skin care demonstration, makeover, etiquette demonstrations, and ideas for entertaining guests.


Woman of Wonder

Only a super-hero wonder woman could untangle this downward spiral of turmoil. Ruth is no wonder woman, just an ordinary girl who determines to live as a woman of wonder.


Woman of Wonder refreshes ladies by renewing and intensifying their sense of wonder for Almighty, Sovereign God. Through the book of Ruth, the Conference unfolds insights and practical instruction for facing life’s difficulties and developing a daily walk with Jesus. The sessions also highlight not only how to personally deal with tragedy, crisis, loneliness, and depression, but also how to support others who may be facing these difficulties.


– Surviving Tragedy and Heartache.

– Overcoming an Economic Crisis.

– Being a Stranger in an Unfriendly Environment.

– Dealing with a Depressed Person.

– Deciding on the Right Guy.

– Facing Uncertainty.

– Living with In-laws.



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Singles & Teen Conferences

Passion, Purity and Possibilities

Passion, Purity, and Possibilities not only aids teens and singles in discerning the lifelong marriage partner that could be suitable for them, but also practically instructs them, as individuals, in maintaining purity, and preparing for marriage. The material is also extremely beneficial for parents as they prepare to train their children for relationships. The conference can be adjusted for a weekend conference, a youth camp, chapel services for a Christian School, or as condensed session on a Sunday night (Recognizing Mr. or Miss Right). Topics include:


– Evaluating Character

– Being Equally Yoked

– Financial Readiness

– Maturity Level

– Evaluating Practical Skills

– Premarital Sexual Purity


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