25 Year Anniversary History

A 25 Year History of God’s Blessings

Join with us each month this year as we share our ministry history with you, from the beginning to the present.


June: Expanding with New Conferences


Celebration of Marriage is the first marriage conference we developed.  It is loaded with basic biblical principles to practically apply in marriage and is probably to this day the marriage conference that we teach most often.  Once we had taught the sessions at a church, often the pastor would contact us within a year or two and request more teaching on marriage or the family.  Sometimes, they would request instruction on particular issues or family matters that were needful for what their church body was currently experiencing.  We would search God’s word, read other books and prepare sessions for those topics.  Regularly couples who attended Celebration of Marriage would contact us requesting personal instruction for situations in their lives.      Read More


May Blog – Writing Our First Book

April Blog – Relocating to Tennessee

March Blog – International Expansion

February Blog – Laying the Foundation

January Blog – The Beginning

Pastor’s Testimonies

Pastor Mike Whitson Shares about Family Fortress Ministries.

Watch Pastor Bill Hegedus FFM Testimony

Bill Hegedus is the pastor under which Sam was called into the ministry.

Couples Testimonies

Tristan & Anna Harmon Share about Family Fortress Ministries.

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25 Family Books Recommended by Sam & Debbie

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