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11 Jan

The Beginning

Sam was called to preach and minister full time in 1983. For ten years, he served as founder and director of an inner city Christian theater ministry. He also assisted his brother, David, in his evangelistic ministry during this time. The Christian theater outreach was an extremely time consuming and demanding ministry that yielded much

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26 Jun

You’ve Got Mail

Every day I open my mailbox I am overwhelmed with a huge pile of mail that is stuffed so tight into the box that I wonder if I will need pliers to pull it out. To efficiently handle this never-ending accumulation, I have developed a sorting system with three categories: junk mail, essential mail, and

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17 Mar

How do I Tell My Daughter? – Part One

I have four sons. Why in the world would I attempt to encourage moms with thoughts on how to explain sexual intimacy to their young daughters? Obviously not because I have experience. It’s because of all the questions: My nine year old daughter was innocently building castles at the sandbox when a friend started elaborating

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13 Feb

Wrap Your Marriage in Love

Living in an anti-marriage culture, we must proactively protect our marriages. Here are twelve commitments to wrap your marriage in love. What better day to begin than Valentine’s Day! 1) Daily Pursue a Passionate Relationship with God Over the last 38 years, I discovered there is one thing that I cannot do. I cannot make

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22 Jan

What is Love?

I vividly recall a day in my tenth grade biology class when my eyes landed on the most beautiful sight I had ever seen – Debbie. My heart began to beat out of my chest and I wondered, “Could I be in love?” As a teenager, I was clueless as to what it meant to

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