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17 Mar

How do I Tell My Daughter? – Part One

I have four sons. Why in the world would I attempt to encourage moms with thoughts on how to explain sexual intimacy to their young daughters? Obviously not because I have experience. It’s because of all the questions: My nine year old daughter was innocently building castles at the sandbox when a friend started elaborating

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13 Feb

Wrap Your Marriage in Love

Living in an anti-marriage culture, we must proactively protect our marriages. Here are twelve commitments to wrap your marriage in love. What better day to begin than Valentine’s Day! 1) Daily Pursue a Passionate Relationship with God Over the last 38 years, I discovered there is one thing that I cannot do. I cannot make

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22 Jan

What is Love?

I vividly recall a day in my tenth grade biology class when my eyes landed on the most beautiful sight I had ever seen – Debbie. My heart began to beat out of my chest and I wondered, “Could I be in love?” As a teenager, I was clueless as to what it meant to

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15 Jun

Combating Confusion with Jealousy

This month is a critical month in the history of our nation! The Supreme Court Justices will decide whether to force legalization of so called “same sex marriage” in every state. We need to pray, but as we pray, I believe to avoid being hypocritical, every Christian married couple needs to examine themselves by asking,

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28 Jan

Cohabitation, Common Law Marriage & Other Ambiguous Questions

Recently, I received an email from an attorney who is a friend of our ministry. She described the dilemma she often faces when trying to answer questions concerning what constitutes a marriage. These are the concerns she voiced in her email (by permission):: I’ve been entertaining some philosophical discussions of marriage lately. I had a

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