Time for Three

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Sam and Debbie Wood provide fresh daily reflections, bringing inspiration and encouragement for couples on the intimate journey of “two becoming one.” Sharing moments that are personal, instructional, and sacred from their own marriage and experience,
they add authenticity to the numerous transformational insights contained in this work. Readers will discover precious gems from Scripture, generating conversations that will deepen their love for God and one another, thus aligning with the biblical picture of
Christian marriage.

W. R. Cutrer MD, director of the Gheens Center for Marriage and Family;
Professor, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, The Church Leader’s
Handbook: a Guide to Counseling Families and Individuals in Crisis

Marriage is a precious gift, created in the heart and mind of God. Contained within these daily treasures are personal and practical insights, grounded in the authors’ deep and abiding faith in Christ. They will help grow your love and commitment to one
another and expand your understanding of God’s love for you and your family. Time for Three: God, My Spouse, and Me is an enduring reminder that “a cord of three is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

Sandra C. Gray, president, Asbury University

Couples can fake their spirituality at church, work, or with friends. But they cannot fake their Christianity at home. A vertical relationship with the Lord must first be established and nourished before a healthy, loving relationship with each other can be achieved.

Time for Three, God, My Spouse, and Me is a bible study perfect for busy couples who desire to apply God’s Word to life’s daily trials. Reference scripture, discuss each application, engage your hearts with the hope and strength of the Lord, and be led into deeper intimacy with God and each other.

For more than twenty years, Family Fortress Ministries founders Sam and Debbie Wood, have inspired thousands through their challenging studies for couples. Finally, here they are under one book – 365 devotions offering a steady diet of nutritious marriage fundamentals to promote a healthy relationship for you and your spouse.

Time for Three is also available in digital format on Amazon.

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    One of the best resources I know of for a young couple and an excellent tool to strengthen your marriage. Discovered it in our 19th year and can’t wait to sit at the table each morning together and read it. Love to give it to others as a gift. Wish it could be in electronic format!

    5 out of 5

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