25 Year Anniversary History

A 25 Year History of God’s Blessings

Join with us each month this year as we share our ministry history with you, from the beginning to the present.

January: The Beginning

Sam was called to preach and minister full time in 1983. For ten years, he served as founder and director of an inner city Christian theater ministry. He also assisted his brother, David, in his evangelistic ministry during this time. The Christian theatre outreach was an extremely time consuming and demanding ministry that yielded much fruit, but also much stress and pressure. read full story…

February Story

Coming soon.

Pastor’s Testimonies

Pastor Mike Whitson Shares about Family Fortress Ministries.

Watch Pastor Bill Hegedus FFM Testimony

Bill Hegedus is the pastor under which Sam was called into the ministry.

Couples Testimonies

Tristan & Anna Harmon Share about Family Fortress Ministries.

25 Most Requested Messages by Evangelist Sam Wood

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25 Family Books Recommended by Sam & Debbie

Each month we will add two more recommended books.




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