25 Year Anniversary History

A 25 Year History of God’s Blessings

Join with us each month this year as we share our ministry history with you, from the beginning to the present.

February: Laying the Foundation

Once our ministry was named and we were relocated to the Charlotte, NC area, we started the search for a home church. Charlotte is blessed with many churches so we visited different ones until God directed us to First Baptist Indian Trail. What a blessing! After one Sunday there, it was obvious we belonged.  Pastor Mike Whitson embraced us. He fed us with powerful truth’s from the Word every service. The church continually offered classes for growth that became significant in establishing our perspective of ministry.

God greatly expanded our understanding of who He is and strengthened us with confidence in Him. This new knowledge fortified us to stick with His call when opportunities for ministry were limited. Because our ministry was brand new, pastors were unfamiliar with us and did not book very many meetings.   We were full of passion for the calling, but the opportunities to minister were few.  This can be a catalyst for discouragement, but Pastor Mike believed in spreading truth and he repeatedly introduced and recommended Sam to many churches where we still minister twenty-five years later. When the Lord opened the door for Sam to speak in the annual state pastor conference, he connected us with even more pastors. This provided invitations we never dreamed we would receive.  Read full story…


January Blog – The Beginning

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