Will Traditional Marriage Survive?

According to the April 8, 2013 edition of Time magazine traditional marriage as we now know it between a man and woman will soon be a distant memory! According to public opinion polls cited in the article “How Gay Marriage Won”, there has been a shift from 27 percent approval of same sex marriage in 1996, to 53 percent approval in 2013. A nearly 100 percent change in only 17 years. The article further states that there is a 73 percent approval of gay marriage for those between 18 and 29 years old. Has America evolved into a society which now will accept and define marriage as being between two people of the same sex? To our shame, it appears so! Should bible believing Christians give up and accept this ungodly and unbiblical redefinition of marriage? Absolutely not! The future of our children, the family, and survival of our nation literally depends upon protecting a biblical definition and understanding of marriage!

Can a society survive when homosexual relationships become a normal part of its culture? Noted sociologist and historian, Dr. Carle Zimmerman authored a book, “Family and Civilization,” in which he documented a life study tracing civilizations that had crumbled. The study tracked what happened to the family unit. He said every civilization consisted of three phases of family life and that the last phase marked the disintegration of that society. This study was not conducted by the religious right, or a far right republican, but rather by a historian that has no religious affiliation or political agenda. He concludes that the last phase before a civilization ceased to exist was marked by these characteristics;

1) Marriage lost its sacredness; it was frequently broken by divorce.

2) Traditional meaning of the marriage ceremony was lost. Alternate forms and definitions of marriage arose, and traditional marriage vows were replaced by individual marriage contracts.

3) Feminist movements appeared, and women lost interest in child bearing and mothering, preferring to pursue power and influence.

4) Public disrespect for parents and authority in general increased.

5) Juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, and rebellion accelerated

6) People with traditional marriages refused to accept family responsibilities.

7) Desire for and acceptance of adultery grew.

8) Increased tolerance for sexual perversions of all kinds, particularly homosexuality, with a resultant increase in sex-related crimes.

Let me remind you that this study was done in 1947. Notice that all of these characteristics are directly related to the distortion and destruction of the institution of marriage. And, all of these characteristics are prevalent in our nation today! We can rightly conclude that the greatest satanic attack against our nation since its inception is the attempt to redefine marriage. The future of our nation as we know it is dependent upon a revival of a Biblical understanding of marriage and family.

All Christians need to earnestly pray that God will have mercy upon our nation and that He will direct the Supreme Court justices to uphold DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in the upcoming weeks (Proverbs 21:1).

Our book “What is Marriage?” was written in 2005 with a deeply burdened heart that a clear biblical understanding of marriage be reinstated and understood. Marriage is precious to God (Hebrews 13:4) and He will not sit idly by and let any nation profane His holy institution without judging that nation (Malachi 2:11-14).

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